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About Us

When I first joined Claro Advisors in 2019, one of my goals was to make it easier for investors to understand and access investments that could help increase their returns while providing protection in down markets. That vision still drives me today. Structured notes are investment assets that allow investors to do just that. 

Patrick McNamara, CFP ®
Claro Advisors

About Patrick McNamara

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About Claro Advisors

Why Structured Notes

Over the years, we’ve learned that investing is not just about selecting stocks and bonds. At its core, investing is about growing and protecting wealth; it should bring peace of mind and, by extension, your ability to achieve financial independence. Minimizing losses via protective investing strategies and increasing income streams can allow investors to make their dreams a reality. We believe that structured notes can help you do exactly that via protective investing options, higher-yielding fixed income alternatives, and more.

One of our primary objectives as Registered Investment Advisors is to help dispel some of the misconceptions of these previously exclusive investments and replace that with insightful information from industry leader resources. Having the ability to create and share educational content allows us to increase investor awareness and knowledge. With a greater understanding of how these products work, we hope that investors can feel comfortable utilizing these solutions to grow and protect their investment portfolios.

We will continuously update this site to help you get the most value from our expertise. We also encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed about how investors use structured notes to grow and protect their wealth. Our team at Claro Advisors is here to support you in acquiring the knowledge and comfort that helps you make informed investment decisions on your path to financial independence.

The Independent Advantage and Claro Advisors Difference

While structured notes were an option for my clients when I worked at a large investment bank, the high fees, high minimums and lack of options diminished the accessibility and appeal of these products. It was also a challenge trying to help investors sort through the misinformation to better understand these innovative solutions. Joining Claro Advisors as an Independent Registered Investment Advisor opened the door to solving these problems.

Patrick McNamara, CFP ®
Claro Advisors

As Independent Advisors, we can offer a wide variety of these investments to a broad range of investors without the high fees and investment minimums. Furthermore, the ability to customize and “shop” these offerings by working with multiple banks allows us to be able offer attractive notes with superior pricing terms to investors. This means that we are better positioned to increase investor investment returns with the added benefit of greater portfolio protection.

Since structured note investing is a specialty of Claro Advisors, we offer advantages not found with most financial advisors. This includes:

Multiple Service Providers:

We connect with industry leading service providers who leverage their resources to assess and customize offerings that meet our client objectives.

Bank Issuer Competition: 

We have the ability the shop these notes with broad access to dozens of domestic and foreign issuers. These banks include but are not limited to HSBC, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas, Barclays, Citigroup, Bank of Montreal, TD Bank and Bank of America.


We work with our clients to create notes that meet their specific portfolio goals and needs.

Active Pricing:

 Our expertise allows us to take advantage of market volatility and price customized notes on a timely basis with the most favorable client terms.

No commissions and lower fees:

 We don’t have the added fees and overhead of a large bank which allows us to offer the most competitive notes.

Lower investment minimums:

 Most offerings can be purchased for amounts as low as $1000

All of these factors combined can result in higher returns for our clients which means they have a higher probability of achieving their financial goals.