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Market Linked Growth Notes

Enhanced growth with protection

Investing in stocks has traditionally been one of the best ways to provide long term growth of investment assets. 

However, the tradeoff of owning these assets is the potential for loss and the need to stay invested. For investors who want portfolio protection and need portfolio growth, this can be a major issue. Market Linked Growth Notes can be a solution and offer the following:

Suitable for Growth and long term investors

Returns can be enhanced with upside leverage

Offer certain levels of downside protection

Provide confidence to invest in risk assets

Why consider Market Linked Growth Notes

Equity valuations are near historic highs

Looking for partial downside market protection

Looking to add capital to risk assets

Tax loss harvesting opportunities

Watch our Whiteboard video describing how these unique investments work.

How It Works

Participate in the Upside

When the Underlying market goes up, you can realize the full upside and possibly more

Protection against the Downside

When the market goes down, you will have protection against limited market declines

Case Study  Previous Offerings

How to Invest

Our team at Claro Advisors is experienced in the structured note market and can be resource for investors looking for advice and access. Click here if you would like a member of our team to reach out to you.

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